Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to install Selenium IDE in Firefox

Couple of years before I was searching an automated open source testing tool. I did some googling and got Selenium. That time only Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and grid was popular. I chose Selenium IDE as my first open source automated tool. Then I worked with Selenium RC. Now Selenium Webdriver is becoming popular.
In my first blog, I shall describe here about the installation process in Selenium IDE.

Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin. So firefox browser is needed to install it. The following steps shows the easiest way to install selenium IDE.
Step 1 : Open Firefox. Here I have used Firefox version 6.0.1
Step 2 : Go to selenium home page
Step 3 : Click Download button as shown in Figure 1

(Figure 1)

Step 4 : Go to Selenium IDE area and Click the version number link text as selected in a red color rectangle at the following Figure 2.

(Figure 2)       
Step 5 : Click Allow button (Figure 3). Selenium Plug in installation window is displayed 

(Figure 3)

Step 6 : Click Install Now button as shown in following figure as a Red rectangle (Figure 4)

(Figure 4)

Step 7 : Click Restart Firefox button when Plugin successfully installed message is displayed (Figure 5)

Figure 5


Step 8 : Now Selenium IDE installation is completed successfully. After restarting Firefox go to Tools Menu of the Browser and click Selenium IDE options.

(Figure 6)

Selenium IDE window is displayed like the following.

In my next blog I show you how to record and play back through Selenium IDE tool.

Please comment me if any issue is found when install by following through the above steps and also suggest me about my first blog post.



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