Sunday, June 7, 2015

JMeter : How to install and run JMeter application in your machine

JMeter is now a handy weapon for a load tester who are more interested on open source item. Day to day it is becoming popular. It is a pure Java application and runs almost all the OS. Here we will show how to download, install and run JMeter in our machine.

Step 1 : Install Pre-Requisite

JMeter requires Java 6 or Higher. At first install Java. We can take help from this post on how to install Java in our machine.

Step 2 : Download JMeter

  • Go to the JMeter download page :
  • Download the latest version. Now it is 2.13. Note that download it from Binaries.
  • Click on the latest test JMeter version named



  • After finishing download, unzip the file

Step 3 : Run the application

  • Go to the folder apache-jmeter-2.13 (In my case : C:\apache-jmeter-2.13)
  • Go to bin folder
  • Double click on the jar file ApacheJMeter.jar


  • JMeter will start and run and JMeter window will be displayed.


Our next post is how we can do a simple load test using JMeter.

Happy Load Testing using JMeter!!!

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