Thursday, June 4, 2015

SpecFlow : How to prepare your Visual Studio IDE suitable for SpecFlow implementation

SpecFlow is the .Net implementation of Cucumber. This is a Behavior development framework for .Net. Here we will show how we can implement our visual studio IDE suitable for SpecFlow development.

Step 1 : Open Visual Studio and go to Tools>>Extension and Updates…

Step 2 : Extensions and Update window is displayed. Enter the word “SpecFlow” at search text box and press enter from keyboard. “SpecFlow for Visual Studio 2013” package is displayed as Search Result.

Step 3 : If you see Disable and Uninstall button then it means it is already installed with your IDE like the following.

Step 4 : If you see Download button then Click on this button.

Step 5 : It starts downloading.

Step 6 : After finishing download,click on Install button.

Step 7 : After finishing installation, click on Restart Now button.

Step 8 : Visual Studio will be restarted and if you go to Tools>>Extension and Updates… and search with “SpecFlow” then you see “SpecFlow for Visual Studio 2013” is installed.

Step 9 : In the same way search the extensions “NUnit Test Adapter” and Download it. It is used for NUnit Framework.

Step 10 : Click on Install button.

Step 11 : Click on Restart Now button to restart Visual Studio.

Step 12 : Now Visual Studio IDE is ready for SpecFlow implementation.

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