Friday, July 3, 2015

Sahi : What is Sahi?

Sahi is an automation tool to automate web application. It has both open source and commercial version. It has easy record and playback feature.

Record & Playback : It has an easy record and playback feature and it can automat any web application. It is easy for a non technical tester to record.

Cross Browser Testing : Script recording in one browser can run on other available browsers. So it supports cross browser testing.

Web Element Identification : It can locate elements very easily with its on build API. Also it can locate any dynamic ID without taking help on Xpath or tools. It can automate application built in using ExtJS, ZK, Dojo, YUI or any other framework.

AJAX : Sahi can automate web application built it AJAX. It does not need to use any Wait statement.

Rich Inbuilt Reports and Logs : It supplies complete info of script execution. It can report the exact line of script that fails. It provides graph reports and end to end result. Reports can be customizable.

Fast Parallel Batch Playback : Together of multiple scripts can make a suit and it can run multiple script in one machine or multiple machine at a time. It can run from Command prompt and continuous Integration also.

Simple Powerful Scripting : Sahi Script is based on JavaScript. So it can use the power of JavaScript. It can call any Java code or library. It can communicate Databases, Excel sheets, CSV files for data driven testing.

Inbuilt Excel Framework : It has inbuilt excel where tester can write simple test case in excel file and it will execute the script using the excel file.

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