Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sikuli : Introduction to Sikuli IDE

In our last post on Sikuli we have shown how we can automate a desktop application using Sikuli IDE with image recognition technique. There we have shown the steps to automate a desktop application and discussed about the Sikuli IDE. Here we will discuss more details on it.

Sikuli IDE is noting but an IDE where we can build Sikuli script and run it.


Title Bar : It displays the application name “Sikuli IDE 1.0.1” with the Script file name. Default name is “Untitled”.

Menu Bar : It contains all the available menus.
  1. File : All the basic options are there. There is a Preference option to set the Sikuli settings.
  2. Edit : All the basic options are there.
  3. Run : There are two options – Run and Run in Slow motion. If you want to run script slowly you can use this “Run in Slow motion” option.
  4. View : View the command list and menu.
  5. Tools : All the tools option.
  6. Help : Sikuli help and FAQ document.
Tool Bar : It contains Six options.
  1. Take screenshot : Clicking on this button Sikuli starts to capture the image of an UI object bye which we will use it for scripting.
  2. Insert image : Through this option we can insert image from other location captured by other image captured tool.
  3. Create Region : We can create a region to help Sikuli to search the UI object to within this region by this option.
  4. Run : By clicking this button we can run the Sikuli script written at the Below editor.
  5. Run in Slow Motion : By using this option we can run the script slowly.
  6. Find : Find some text within the script.
Command List : Command list is displayed at left side panel. With the help of these commands we will write the scripts.
  1. Settings : By checking Auto capture options can be enabled or not.
  2. Find : These Command lists help the tester to write script to find an UI object.
  3. Mouse Actions : All the commands is this section are related mouse actions.
  4. Keyboard Actions : All the Keyboard related commands are there.
Note that we will discuss more details on command list in a separate blog post.


Script Editor : All the scripts are written here and user can modify it. Note that Sikuli IDE support python language syntax. So we can write our python code here and make the script more robust and maintainable and implement different programming techniuqe using the power of python programming language.

That’s all for now. We will do more discussion on our future post on Sikuli and its future.

Happy Scripting by capturing UI image using Sikuli….!!!

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